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What's New in Version 3.3

We are excited to release Bridge Digital Identity v3.3 to the community! This release takes Bridge Identity to the next level with increased access to BRDG token and liquidity, adding additional blockchain network support, NFT support, and adding more real-world claim types to the network.

Additional Blockchain Support

Bridge has now added full support for Binance Smart Chain. Adding support for this blockchain opens access to a whole suite of decentralized exchanges and applications while keeping fees low for the community. Bridge Network fees and Verification services can now use BRDG BEP-20 as a means of fee payment.

More Ways to Acquire Bridge Token

We've expanded access to the Bridge Token (BRDG) to now allow Binance Smart Chain Users to buy on Pancakeswap. When using Pancakeswap, users can swap other tokens for BRDG seamlessly on Binance Smart Chain

NFT Support

Ethereum ERC-721 NFT's are now available in the Bridge Passport Browser Extension

Additional Claim Support

Key real-world verfication services and claim types have been added to the Bridge Network including COVID-19 vaccination verification, telephone verification, and photo verification.

Updated Network Explorer

A new Bridge Network Explorer was launched to add more visibility into network activity and support Bridge Smart Chain activity.

Updated Verification Provider

The Bridge Verification Service on the Bridge Marketplace was updated to allow for more flexible product selection and now supports all 3 BRDG token manifestations (NEP-5, ERC-20 and BEP-20) as payment for fees.

Infrastructure Updates

Subdomain standardization and updates to several network components moved to serverless infrastructure for enhanced scalability and security.

Standardized subdomains:

Bug Fixes

Lots of package updates and security / bug fixes are resolved in this release.