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Navigating the Passport

Users will use the upper left menu to navigate to the respective areas of the passport. Clicking on the Bridge logo will return back to the passport home screen.

Digital Identity

The user's digital identity (verified claims) are stored in this area. This is used to view any personal information in the passport and to manage the lifecycle of blockchain publishing of those claims, if desired.

Blockchain Wallets

All of the user's blockchain wallets are stored in this area. This is used to view blockchain wallet information, private keys, asset balances, previous transaction history, and offer the ability to manage cross-chain Bridge token swaps.

Marketplace Requests

To verify information for use in the Bridge Passport, the user creates requests on the Bridge Marketplace. This area is used to manage the lifecycle of their preview requests and to create new requests.

Network Explorer

This will launch a new browser tab to display the Bridge Network Explorer to view latest network activity.