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Partner Verification Process

Once a markeplace verification request is created, all network fees are verified, and the request is relayed to the partner, the url to access the verification process provided by the partner is displayed to the end user. From there, the user simply clicks the link to begin the verification process with that marketplace partner.

Verification Workflow with Bridge Protocol Corporation

All Bridge Marketplace partners are free to use whatever workflow they choose to perform their verification services, so the workflow will vary. The following process will demonstrate the workflow required to do Basic KYC Verification using the Bridge Protocol Corporation verification provider on the Bridge Network.

1. Login with your passport

2. Select your desired verification service(s)

3. Make the token payment for service fees

4. Enter your 4-mail address to continue

5. Create a personal access code

6. Agree to the identity verification terms of service

7. Verify your e-mail address

8. Capture your identification document

9. Enter or verify your personal information

10. Capture your portrait / selfie photo

11. Verify all steps are complete and submit the check for verification

Retrieving Verification Status

After completing the verification process, you will see a verification request status information page. To view this at any time after enrollment, simply click the verification partner link in the verification request in your passport.

Viewing Verification Results

If the verification request is complete, a link will appear next to the status to allow you to see the information that was successfully verified. Simply click the link next to the status to see your verified claims and import claims to your passport.