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Helpful Terms and Definitions

The following terms and definitions will be used throughout the documentation. Becoming familiar with the terms and concepts will provide important context in understanding the Bridge Protocol Digital Identity Solution and Bridge Network ecosystem.

Bridge Protocol Corporation

A US based company that manages the Bridge Network and all Bridge Protocol related open source projects. Bridge Corporation is also a Bridge Marketplace Partner for identity verification (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) services on the network.

Bridge Protocol

The secure messaging and secure claims transmission protocol that all peer-to-peer communication and all Bridge Network communication uses.

Bridge Token

The blockchain token that is the currency for network fees and service fees for the Bridge Marketplace and Bridge Network

Bridge Passport

The collection of information that contains the claims, blockchain wallets, and keys that make up a user's digital identity.

Bridge Passport Extension

The web browser extension client that implements the Bridge Protocol and interacts with the Bridge Network to provide a user interface to allow a user to manage their Bridge Identity, Bridge Tokens, and Marketplace Requests.

Bridge Passport Mobile

The mobile application that allows users to import their Bridge Passport from the Bridge Passport Extension to use their digital identity on the go.

Bridge Network

The network run by Bridge Protocol Corporation to manage passport blacklists, vetting of Bridge Network partners and Bridge Marketplace partners, and to facilitate communication between passport users and Bridge Marketplace partners.

Bridge Network Partner

Any organization that is registered with the Bridge Network that implements the Bridge Protocol to accept Bridge Identity for verification

Bridge Network Explorer

The Bridge Network explorer that shows token distribution, network fees, known claim types, known partners, and recent marketplace requests on the network.

Bridge Marketplace

The collection of organizations offering verification services in exchange for Bridge Token on the Bridge Network

Bridge Marketplace Partner

An organization vetted by Bridge Protocol Corporation that offers verification services on the Bridge Marketplace

Bridge Marketplace Verification Request

A request made via the Bridge Network to a Bridge Marketplace provider to perform verification services for the passport user.

Verified Claim

The portable secure data package containing verified information about a user's verified information that was created by a Bridge Marketplace partner

NEO Blockchain

The NEO Smart Economy blockchain. See

Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain.